Ever feel like somedays you can take on the whole world and others you find yourself crying when they're out of your brand of yogurt?

Or one day feel sexy as hell and the next NOTHING fits you and you
just want to hole up in bed??

Struggling with emotions, body image, physical fitness and food cravings are definitely something we all can identify with too... I mean who doesn't want to eat an entire bag of chocolate chips instead of making another meal for their family
(that someone will likely complain about anyways!)

Join local experts in various fields of women's health
(that happen to be real women too!)

Saturday May 13th, 2017 for a day of information on everything from:
Hormones to Food to Fitness,
Feeling good physically and
Loving yourself no matter what!
Leave with tools to apply immediately to your life to help
decrease the moments you feel like a "hot mess".

Healthy snacks are provided and included with your ticket cost.
Early bird rate of $97 ends April 29th!
Ticket costs go up April 30th to $147.


Proceeds from the event are going to benefit WIN House,
Edmonton's safe place for women and children fleeing domestic abuse - http://winhouse.org/


The YEG Women's project is a BRAND NEW
Women's Health event

Lead by local health and wellness experts, empowering you to take charge of your health and the health of your family. Join us on Saturday, May 13th for our inaugural event hosted at the Alfred H. Savage building, nestled in the heart of Edmonton's River Valley. We have a group of four brilliant speakers to inspire you to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Our team of experts (who are REAL women too!) include a Naturopathic Doctor, Nutrition Expert, Women's Health Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Self Love Coach. These vibrant women are excited to cover topics ranging from healthy hormone balance and pelvic floor health to nurturing nutritional practices and self-appreciation.

Join us on our Facebook page to meet these empowering women and
find great tips and information as we lead up to event day!